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It's easy for us to tell you how good we are at what we do, but so much better to hear it from some of the people we have been able to help. Below are a selection of the things people have said to / about us, since we started out.
What an excellent product, with a genuine and down to earth approach. Very highly recommended, thankyou.
Joshua Palmer, London
Many many thanks Alan. Our daughter is so pleased with her camper.
Lynne Horton, Nuneaton, Warwickshire
The Fiesta really is a joy to pull. You just don't know it's there and it handles brilliantly. You've done a really good job for us and done us proud. It was so nice to meet someone who has a passion about what they like.
Andy Lindeman, Braintree, Essex
Just wanted to drop you a quick mail to say thankyou very much for your time today. Your information and advice have been invaluable, in making our decision to buy a Sterling model.
Kali & Rich, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
Wow. What a fantastic web site. We are looking to buy a Pennine Pathfinder soon and have found several of your articles invaluable. Bookmarked and look forward to reading more.
Roy Vasey, Via Blue Sky Blog
Thank-you very much Blue Sky. Your Instructions helped us to put up our awning on the Pennine Pullman we have just purchased. It was invaluable. We were going round the bend trying to work out how to erect it. We have now colour coded the poles and colour coded your diagram. Easy peasey now.
Teresa Brown, Leeds
Very helpful and knowledgeable on Pathfinder awning poles and very prompt and competitive quote. Once again, thankyou for your help.
Kate Lamacraft, Bedford
After looking all over, we found Blue Sky, a great company and web site for your hard to find Pennine parts. We will be using them in future, as the main source of parts for our Fiesta 2+2.
Helen Lynch, Elsham, Brigg
Very very helpful. A quick response and a pleasure to deal with. Hope to deal with you again. Thankyou.
Mel Burke, Scunthorpe
@blueskypennine. Thankyou for being so very helpful. You rock.
Simon Whitsun, Via Twitter
As soon as we return, we would be happy to add a testimonial. Not sure if it will amply cover the lengths you have gone to, but we will try our best.
Ian Noone, Bolton
(Enough said, we think!)
Many thanks for an extremely informative website - really useful as I start research for the transition from canvas family tent to folding camper... Your page is bookmarked to assist.
Paul McCormack, Via Blue Sky Blog
Thanks again Alan. Brilliant advice. I've got to be fair; you're a legend. That information is super helpful and I really appreciate you divulging your knowledge. Huge thanks.
Nilocdrib (Via eBay)
It isn't just our customers who are impressed with what we do. These are just a couple of the comments of previous owners of some of our projects:
Just looked at the camper. A beautiful job I must say. I used to own this, and I have to say, you have done an excellent job of bringing her back to health.
Waltjabso70 (Ebay member, and original owner of Aztec 001)
Oh my goodness. I'm super impressed with that Alan. I wouldn't have recognised it. What an amazing job. If I'd seen that I might have bought it back. ;o) I'm really pleased that it lives on. Fantastic.
Corinne, Burntwood (Original owner of Aztec 002)
Much of the advice we offer is free of charge, via online forums such as Facebook and UK Campsite. These are just a small selection of the comments we have received recently
Alan Young. I don't know what I would do without you, definitely a guru in this field! I can't wait to enjoy our little home. Without this site I would not know half as much as I do now. I now know that my little oil radiator will come in handy, as well as my camping blow heater, tell tale signs on the unit to look out for, and the manuals you provided on a link are superb, and not forgetting the heating system that you helped find out how to use. Thanks again. :)
Andrea Arthur (Via Facebook)
Alan. Just wanted to say how knowledgeable you are. I have picked up no end of tips from your advice / info. Thankyou
Jane Wyles (Via Facebook)
I recommend you take the advice of Alan Young. The man's a gent, and forgotten more stuff than I know about trailer tents / campers,
Paul Hickman (Via Facebook)
This man (Alan Young) is a legend and a fountain of knowledge.
Scottie Wonnottie (Via Facebook)
Listen to Alan Young, with his experience and contacts, you won't go wrong. I asked for his advice a while ago, for a starter camper to try. We got a Pennine Aztec, with awning, and we love it, and camp, now, as much as possible.
Stephen Duncalf (Via Facebook)
Thankyou Alan, for all the information that you post. I've learnt quite a few things, since joining this group, and we've been camping for 40 years, which shows you're never too old to learn.
Chrissy & Brian Hardy (Via Facebook)
Yes. Thankyou Alan. I too have learned so much from your postings. It seems to give me more confidence too, in knowing what I am doing. Can't wait for the good weather to try out our new TT.
Jane Wyles (Via Facebook)
Mr Alan Young. I value all your inputs greatly. Most posts have your wealth of knowledge and help, meaning, for myself, I don't have to ask many quesitons in here, because you have covered it for me in most cases, somewhere on here.
Rich James (Via Facebook)
What a brilliant reply. A thousand thanks from me, and even more for the articles and your Blue Sky blog. That has just got to be the best one-stop information source in the UK. Best wishes, and many more thanks.
Les Norman (Via UK Campsite)
I would just like to say a big thankyou to Alan Young for all the help and advice given on this site. I know I have picked up a few tips from you, and I wanted you to know how much you are appreciated.
Jackie Langton (Via Facebook)
Can I just say that the info on the Blue Sky web site is brilliant and makes interesting reading, even if you have a bit of experience under your belt, like us! Keep up the good work.
ANGEDAWS (Via UK Campsite)
Just wanted to say thankyou for the camper. It is brilliant. I set it up when I got home, and it went up like a dream. I've got it full of utensils and the mod cons, as well as the essentials, and it's ready to go for the morning. The kids were well excited when they came from school and saw it. Thanks again. We love it, and are extremely grateful you put so much effort into making it a comfortable camper. By far the best purchase we have made in years.
Blue Sky Pennine! This has to be the nicest, friendliest and most helpful guy I have never met!
Chizzi (Via UK Campsite)
Blue Sky Pennine. Thankyou for your reply. I have to say I always find your posts extremely informative, as is your web site. Cheers
Bramidan (Via UK Campsite)
Blue Sky Recreation Limited. Freephone: 0800 069 9601, Freefax: 0800 069 9602, Email: info@blueskyholdings.co.uk
Can't find enough words to say how brilliant Blue Sky have been with all their helpful and friendly advice. Nothing is too much trouble. Thankyou so much guys.
Bernie Summers & Wayne Shelton (Via Facebook)
Barrie John, Blackwood, Caerphilly
Excellent piece, and an excellent site. Thanks. I'm just about to buy a secondhand 2006 Pennine Pullman and have been researching it online extensively for quite some time, but particularly in the last few weeks as I'm now finally actively looking to buy with the finances lined up.

 I don't think there's a site I haven't visited on folding campers or clip I haven't seen on youtube on primarily UK campers of all sorts and makes. Your site was invaluable to me, as were the clips you had on youtube along with the emphasis on Pennine, and especially articles of this standard on heating the camper and numerous other articles on this site. They really answered every possible question I could have in such a pragmatic and logical way. You have a fan in me.
Niall O'Sullivan, Via Blue Sky Blog
These are just a selection of the testimonials we have received since starting out. If you really want to read some more, then you can check them out here:
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