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Blue Sky Recreation Limited. Freephone: 0800 069 9601, Freefax: 0800 069 9602, Email: info@blueskyholdings.co.uk
Gallery: Aztec 002
Aztec 002 is a 1993 model, originally purchased on eBay for 102.99 to be stripped down for parts, as her condition was listed as; "For Parts Or Not Working"

Wherever possible, we will always try to restore any campers we come across, rather than scrapping them. This is why we are referred to as the Pennine Rehoming Centre. We are, in effect, the 'Dogs Trust' of the Pennine world.

Surprisingly, the cupboard drawer handles and carpet (usually the first items to go) were both in excellent condition, and, unlike most projects, these were not replaced.

The camper was given a full overhaul, new parts, where needed, and she was, subsequently sold on eBay.

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