General Information & Guidance
This section covers some of the key information and guides that we have accumulated over the years. Everything from model details, setup guides and help for those new to folding campers to camp site reviews, model / equipment reviews and camping recipes. We also cover some of the key legal aspects of camping, for your information.
New To The World Of Folding Campers?
General Tips & Guides
Choosing A Folding Camper Or Trailer Tent; What Are The Options?
Folding Campers. What's It All About?
Frequently Asked Questions
New Folding Camper. What Else Will I Need?
Making The Most Of Life Without Electric Hookup
Guide To Storing Folding Campers
Quick 10 Step Guide To Setting Up A Pennine Awning
Guide To Heating A Folding Camper & Awning
Guide To Average Appliance Wattages
Introduction To Leisure Batteries
Which Is The Best Camping Gas To Use?
Please note: For the increasing numbers of you who are looking for Pennine or Conway brochures and manuals, these are available to download on our Media & Downloads Page. For pictorial setup guides of the key Pennine Models, take a look at the Gallery Page.
Used Camper Buyers Guide
Detailed Pictorial Guide To Setting Up A Pennine Awning
The Layman's Guide To Towing In The UK
Camping & The Law
Pitch Spacing On Site What Is The Law?
Camp Site Flooding. What Are Our Rights?
Storing Our Unit At Home What Restrictions Could We Face?
Electric Hookup. What Can We Legally Be Charged?
Do We Need To Insure Our Folding Camper?
Driving In Europe. What Do We Need To Know?
How & When Should We Waterproof A Folding Camper?
Many of the key links on this page go directly to our blog;
Blue Sky Thinking.
This is just a small selection of the articles and information contained in that blog. Feel free to check it out, using the link above. Also, in an attempt to bring all this information together, in one central, concise, but informative location, we have now produced the 143 page;
Folding Camper Ultimate Guide
This is available to download and use whenever you need it, and, like all of the information we offer, it is totally free of charge.
Wild Camping In The UK
Purchasing Faulty Goods. What Are Our Rights?
Installing Tow Bars & Electrics. What Are Our Options?
How Old Are Our Tyres & When Should We Change Them?
The Folding Camper Ultimate Guide
What Breakdown Cover Do We Need When Towing?
Model Reviews & Summaries 
Campsite Reviews & Summaries 
Camping Recipes 
Equipment Reviews 
Folding Camper & Trailer Tent Definitive Guide
Securing Our Campers Against Theft
Customising Our Folding Camper What Are The Options?
Caravan Club Versus Camping & Caravanning Club
Understanding Onboard Electrics
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Reviews & Recipes
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Do We Need A TV Licence When Touring?
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Towing Mirrors. A Quick Look At The Law
85%. Law, Guide Or Myth?