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Pennine have, traditionaly, produced generic handbooks, covering the entire model range.

This one was produced in the mid 90's, covering all aspects of the Aztec, Fiesta, Sterling and Pullman models.
Following, very closely,on from the previous Handbook, this one was almost identical to its predecessor, except with a different set of adverts.

It covered the early part of the noughties, and would have, also, covered the Sovereign.
Sales Brochures
The first ever Pennine sales brochure, recently released by Pennine Outdoor Leisure. At the time, there was just one model, the six berth Pennine Alpine, the layout on which all modern six berth folding campers are based.

A sign of the times, perhaps, that the Alpine is referred to, in the brochure, as a trailer tent, when it is, clearly, a folding camper.
1978 Pennine Alpine Brochure.
1992 Sales Brochure.
Obtained from a former Pennine Dealer, this sales brochure covered the Aztec, Fiesta, Sterling and Pullman campers.

It is a useful source of information on such aspects as dimensions, options etc, but is, primarily, of nostalgic interest.
1993 To 1994 Sales Brochure.
Received with a recently acquired Aztec, this brochure covers exactly the same models as the previous one, in a slightly re vamped format.
Once again, it includes a number of useful figures and options.
This is the 2015 Pennine brochure (produced in late 2014). At the time, the company took the decision to withdraw the Conway Crusader from production.

Due to its popularity at the Motorhome & Caravan Show, at the NEC, in October 2014, the model was given a stay of execution for the forseeable future, however, it is a noticeable exclusion from this document.
The vast majority of these brochures were provided for upload by Pennine Outdoor Leisure, themselves, and we would like to thank them for their assistance in creating this page. Hopefully, you will find these documents of use. Feel free to check out the other three pages of downloads and videos, using the links above.
2001 To 2002 Sales Brochure.
With a more extensive range than its predecessors, this brochure featured the Apollo, Fiesta, Sterling, Pullman, Sovereign and Pathfinder models.
The Sovereign was only produced from 2001 - 2003, and, hence, this is the first of only two brochures in which it featured.
Generic Pennine Handbook Mid 1990's.
2015 Pennine Brochure.
blue_sky011029.jpg blue_sky011028.jpg blue_sky011027.jpg
Generic Pennine Handbook Late 1990's To 2000.
This handbook, from 2010, covers all of the Pennine models of the time (Fiesta, Sterling, Pullman and Pathfinder) as well as the Conway models, produced by Pennine (Countryman, Continental, Cruiser & Crusader).

Currently, this handbook remains the latest version, and is still in use by Pennine.
blue_sky011025.jpg blue_sky011024.jpg
Current Pennine Brochure.
The very latest (2016) Pennine brochure, with the three central products included (Countryman, Fiesta and Pathfinder).
Fortunately, the interior colour schemes of these models are far more subtle than the colours of the brochure, and they really do look good this year.
Again, the Crusader is a notable ommision, being, largely, a show only model
1989 To 1991
Sales Brochure.
Another very early Pennine sales brochure, this time with three models included; the Aztec, Clubman, and, then, flagship of the range, the Pullman.

Interestingly, in this brochure, we see the term 'folding camper' has now been very much adopted for the marque.
1995 To 1998 Sales Brochure.
1999 To 2000 Sales Brochure.
2003 To 2004 Sales Brochure.
2005 To 2006 Sales Brochure.
2007 To 2008 Sales Brochure.
blue_sky011016.jpg blue_sky011015.jpg
2009 Sales Flyers.
2009 Sales Flyers (Acrylic).
blue_sky011014.jpg blue_sky011013.jpg
2013 Sales Brochure.
Magazine Articles
Taken from an early 80's edition of the Camping & Caravanning magazine, this article is an early review and road test of one of the first Aztec models produced by the company.
Also taken from an early 80's edition of the Camping & Caravanning magazine, this article is another road test and review, this time of the Pennine Pullman, back in the days a fully loaded model would set you back the princely sum of 2,500.
Still will the same four models as its 1990s predecessors; the Aztec, Fiesta, Sterling and Pullman, this was the last brochure before the introduction of the Apollo and Pathfinder models.

The Aztec and Sterling remain the same as earlier models, but the Fiesta and Pullman models were facelifted in for the 1996 range.
In this version of the sales brochure, the Aztec has been replaced by the Apollo, even though the Aztec was still in production in 1999, and into early 2000.
The Sterling had , also, been facelifted, in line with the Fiesta and Pullman, and the Pathfinder also made an appearance for the first time. 
The Apollo had now disappeared, and the Pennine range was back down to five models; The Fiesta, Sterling 510, Sovereign 545, Pullman 535 and Pathfinder DL.
Where relevant, the number represented the length of the unit, when opened, in cm.
With the removal of the short lived Sovereign, from the brochure, the Pennine range was, once again, back down to four models; the Fiesta, Sterling, Pullman and Pathfinder.
The numbers were, once again, gone from the model names, and much was made of the newly named Penn-Matic system, which was, simply, the pivoting of the beds when setting up / packing away the campers.
2007 saw the introduction of the coffee and cream colour scheme, which, for the first time, was universally applied across the entire Pennine range, which still comprised of the four main models; the Fiesta, Sterling, Pullman and Pathfinder.
Although Pennine had been manufacturing the Conway range of folding campers since 2003, they had always done so under the Conway banner, distinct from the Pennine models.
In 2009, however, the Conway models were absorbed into the main Pennine range, and, hence, their inclusion in the 2009 brochure.
2009 was also the first year that Pennine introduced the Isabelle acyrlic canvases into the range.
At this stage, they were only installed on the Conway models, such as the the Cruiser and Crusader, shown in these flyers.
2011 Sales Flyers.
By 2011, the Pennine range had, also, gone over to the acrylic canvases. It had, also, reduced down to just three models, all of which had been re named.
Gone were the Sterling and Pullman models, to be replaced by the Quartz 4, which replaced the double dinette with L shaped settee and single dinette. The Fiesta became the Quartz 2+2 and the Pathfinder the Quartz 6.
The Conway range remained the same, but with the addition of the word; Platinum, at the end of each name.
2013 was the last year of the old Pennine company. Gone was the short lived Q4, and the older names were back, in tandem with the newer ones. The Q 2+2 was, now, the Fiesta 2+2, and the Q6 was, now, the Pathfinder Q6.
Also notable in this brochure was Pennine's brief venture into the world of the folding caravan, with the ill fated Artemis.
Introduced in 1998, this handbook covered the same models as the previous one, except that the entry level Aztec was replaced by the Apollo, and the flagship Pathfinder.

Additional equipment covered included the blown air heating and toilet / wash room.
Generic Pennine 
Handbook Mid To Late 1990's.
Current Pennine Handbook
1980 Pennine Aztec Brochure.
The second model to be introduced was the four berth Pennine Aztec. This brochure, circa 1980, introduced the new model to the world, however, this was clearly an early version of the brochure, as the Guarantee, mistakenly, states;

"To mark our confidence in your choice of a Pennine Alpine Tralier Tent....." Oops!

Noticeably, the term; 'folding camper' has still not yet been adopted.
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Generic Pennine Handbook 2003 To 2009.
Running from 2003 to 2009, this handbook covered the four core models of the time, the Fiesta, Sterling, Pullman 535 and Pathfinder 600.
This manual was, virtually, identical to its predecessor. The only noticeable distinction was the adverts displayed in each issue.
Generic Pennine Handbook 2001 To 2002.