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Originally produced in 1986, this manual continued for the remainder of the 80's and the majority of the 90's. It was a generic manual, covering all of the main Conway trailer tent models.
The last generic manual produced by the original Conway company, this one included all of the samemodels as the 1999 - 2000 one.
Sales Brochures
The earliest Conway brochure we have on file, this 1980 copy includes the Campa, the Corniche and the Capri.
1980 Sales Brochure.
1984 Conway Cruiser Sales Brochure.
This single model flyer was produced in 1984, to mark the launch of the Conway Cruiser, and its, at the time, revolutionary 'Connaumatic' slide out bed system.
1984 Conway Gazelle Sales Brochure.
Another single model flyer, also from 1984, this one for the Conway Gazelle. The Gazelle only featured in this one brochure, as production was cut short, following the threat of a law suit by competitors; Combi-Camp, who, understandably, felt the Gazelle was too close, in design, to their own models of the time.
1986 Conway Carlton Special Sales Brochure.
Generic Conway Owner's Manual 1986 To 1998
This manual, from 2010, covers all of the Pennine models of the time, as well as the Conway models, produced by Pennine (Countryman, Continental, Cruiser & Crusader).

Currently, this handbook remains the latest version, and is still in use by Pennine.
1984 Sales Brochure.
All three models remained in production, in 1984 (the Campa, Corniche ans=d Colt, however, the Calypso had, also, been added to the range, by this time..
1985 Sales Brochure.
1986 Sales Brochure.
1987 Sales Brochure.
1987 Euro Challenger Sales Brochure.
By 1985, all of the previous trailer tent models had ceased production, to be replaced by the Contiki, Carlton and Camargue. In addition to the newly introduced Cruiser, the folding camper range now included hard top models; the Jayco Laser and Tardis.
Another generic Conway manual, this one covered both the trailer tent models and the folding campers. Specific instructions were included for the Continental, Mirage, Century, Classic and Voyager, as well as the Challenger, Countryman, Cruiser, Crusader and Clubman.
Current Pennine Handbook (2010 To Date)
1981 Sales Brochure.
By 1981, the Capri had been dropped from the range, and had been replaced by the Colt. The Campa and Corniche remained, and all three were included in this brochure.
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There were no significant changes in 1986, with all 1985 models remaining in production, The hard top models were now split into three; the Tardis EK, the Laser 4 ans Laser 6.
Another model specific flyer, this 1986 brochure was, exclusively, for the Conway Carlton Special.
In 1987, the Contiki and Camargue were still around, and had been joined by the Corniche, on the trailer tent side. Folding camper wise, the Tardis and Laser models remained, as did the Cruiser. They were joined, now, by the entry level, 4 berth Challenger.
Excluded from the main 1987 brochure, this flyer was produced for the launch of the Euro Challenger trailer tent.
blue_sky012034.jpg blue_sky012033.jpg
1988 Folding Camper Sales Brochure.
1988 Trailer Tent  Sales Brochure.
In 1988, Trailer tents and folding campers were split, for the first time, in to two separate brochures. This one, specifically for folding campers, included the Challenger, Cardinal (which had replaced the Tardis and Laser models) and Cruiser.
The other 'half' of the 1988 brochures, this one covered all trailer tent models, which, at the time, was comprised of the Camargue, Contiki and Corniche.
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1989 Trailer Tent Sales Brochure.
1989 Conway Capri DL Sales Brochure.
1990 Folding Camper Sales Brochure.
1990 Trailer Tent Sales Brochure.
Remaining with the split brochure format, this 1989 brochure included the same three models as the 1988 brochure (Contiki, Corniche and Camargue) but with the addition of the Euro Challenger..
1989 saw the re introduction of the Capri, which had made a brief, one year, appearance in 1980. This time round, it was, initially, re branded as the Conway Capri Deluxe, as shown in this single model flyer.
This folding camper, only, brochure included an almost unchanged range from that of the previous year, with the Challenger, Cruiser and Cardinal models all included. The only slight change was that the Cardinal now had an enhnced version available, as well, called the Cardinal Clubman.
The Contiki, Corniche and Camargue of the previous year had all gone, by 1990, to be replaced by the Royale and Miami. The Euro Challenger and Capri reamined within the range.
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1991 Folding Camper Sales Brochure.
1991 Trailer Tent Sales Brochure.
1992 Sales Brochure.
1993 Sales Brochure.
With no model changes from the 1990 folding camper brochure, this publication covered the Cardinal, Cardinal Clubman, Cruiser and Challenger models.
After just a year, the Miami had already gone from the range, as had the slightly older Euro Challenger and Capri. The Royale was the only 1990 model remaining, and was joined by new stable mates the Havanna, Rio and Calypso.
The Conway bochures were, once again, merged in 1992, with all trailer tent and folding camper models in one brochure. This included the Canterbury, Cambridge, Ascot and Calypso trailer tents, along with the Cardinal, Cardinal Clubman, Cruiser and Challenger folding campers.
In 1993, the folding camper range remained unchanged. On the trailer tent side, the Calypso was dropped, to be replaced by the diminutive Clipper, and largest ever Conway model, the Oxford.
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Yet another static year for folding camper models, there was marginally more change on the trailer tent front, though. The Canterbury and Ascot were gone from the range, to be replaced by just one model, the Camberley.
In 1995, the 4 berth Countryman was added to the existing folding camper range. The trailer tent range was now comprised of the Clipper, Cambridge, Camberley and Camborne.
In 1996, Conway reverted back to the idea of dual brochures. This one, for the folding campers, featured the Challenger, Countryman, Cruiser and Cardinal / Cardinal Clubman.
Yet more changes on the trailer tent front. The 1996 range was now comprised of the Clipper, Cardale, coniston and Camborne.
1994 Sales Brochure.
1995 Sales Brochure.
1996 Folding Camper Sales Brochure.
1996 Trailer Tent Sales Brochure.
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Another year, and back to the single combined brochure format. Yet more new trailer tent models were added. The range now comprised the Clipper, Pheonix, Cardale, Coniston and Olympia. Folding camper models remained unchanged.
The Pheonix was already gone (replaced by the Voyager) as were the Cardale and Coniston, replaced by the Mirage. The Clipper and Olympia models both remained. The Excel was a brief addition to the folding camper stable.
1999 saw yet more changes, with the loss of the Clipper and Olympia, and the addition of the Continental, Classic and Conquest. The short lived Excel folding camper was gone, after just a year, and this year, also, saw the introduction of the Crusader.
The Conway trailer tent range was quite extensive, at this point, and included the Voyager, Continental, Mirage, Century, Classic and Conquest. Folding camper models were the Challenger, Countryman II, Cruiser, Crusader, and newly intriduced hard top model; the Clubman.
1997 Sales Brochure.
1998 Sales Brochure.
1999 Sales Brochure.
2000 Sales Brochure.
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In 2001, the trailer tent range had reduced to just four models, again, the Classic, Century, Mirage and Continental. The five folding camper models remained the same as in 2000.
2002 was the last year of trading for the original Conway company. The trailer tent model range was reduced by one more model, to three; the Classic Trio, Vision and Spirit. Once again, the five folding camper models remain the same.
The original Conway company had now ceased trading, following a factory fire. All aspects of this brochure were identical to the previous year, except that the business name had changed from Conway Products Limited to Conway Leisure, and the address was, now, that of competitors; Pennine Leisure, in Accrington.
Following the takeover of the business, by Pennine, it was only a matter of time before the cessation of the trailer tent models. At this point, there were just two; the Corniche and Classic Trio. The folding camper models were the Challenger, Countryman, Cruiser and Crusader.
By 2006, all trailer tent models had ceased production, as had all hard top model folding campers. All that remained of the marque were the four folding camper models; the Challenger, Countryman, Cruiser and Crusader.
In 2008, the Conway trading style was dropped, by Pennine, and the Conway range were full absorbed into the Pennine range. At this point in time, the models remaining were the Countryman, Continental, Cruiser and Crusader.
2001 Sales Brochure.
2002 Sales Brochure.
2003 Sales Brochure.
2004 Sales Brochure.
2006 Sales Brochure.
2008 Sales Brochure.
Generic Conway Owner's Manual 1999 To 2000
Generic Conway Owner's Manual 2001 To 2002
After 2008, the Conway models were all fully absorbed into the main Pennine range, and those models were included in the Pennine brochures of the time. Those brochures can all be viewed and downloaded on our Pennine Downloads Page.
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1981 General
Conway Advert
1980's General
Conway Advert
1980's Conway / Jayco Advert
1980's Camping International Conway Campa & Colt Advert
1980's Conway Carlton Advert
1985 Conway Jayco / Cruiser Advert
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Camping & Walking Supplement
Many Conways were sold with a free magazine, the Camping & Walking Supplement.
This particular issue is from the early '90's, circa 1991.
1980's Jayco Laser Review
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'Conway Care' Handbook. Produced in the late 80's to early 90's, it was a shortened, 20 page, version of the main handbook.
Generic Conway Care Handbook