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Gallery: Refurbishment Work On A 1997 Pennine Fiesta
This Fiesta was very sound, but a little shabby here and there. The new owners wanted to do all the big jobs themselves, but just wanted the niggly little things taken care of first, using difficult to find parts.
First job; more than half the Fiestas and Aztecs we get in have broken settee back supports. This one, like many, was missing the C clip.
One 'off the shelf' item later, and we're ready to go.
One of the Pen Vent pole sets was missing, and was replaced. (We now have our own tooling for these, and manufacture them in house).
Missing O or D rings are cheap, but can be awkward to replace. If you don't, however, it can really affect the overall look & feel of the camper.
Job done! The little things can make a big difference.
Only one of the door toggles remained on this particular unit. Fortunately, we save every last item from even the most damaged of canvases.
Good as new. Replacement toggle ensures that the door stays open, top and bottom, as it should.
The left hand vent cover was missing. Virtually impossible to source new, this wasn't a problem when you work on as many campers as we do.
And matching again. Always so much nicer to be able to use the original parts, wherever possible.
If you're into DIY, as the new owners of this camper were, you may well want to do the 'fun' jobs yourself, such as new flooring, soft furnishings etc. Even if you do, it will often be nigh on impossible to source all the parts you want for the awkward little jobs that, combined together, take the shine of your 'new to us' camper.
At Blue Sky, we're happy to help in any way we can.
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