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Replacement Flooring
Even the best loved camper will often be in need of a bit of TLC when it comes to flooring. Most are fitted, as standard, with a basic carpet, which, with the best will in the World will be difficult to keep clean when out 'in the field'.

We offer a choice of flooring, but, by far, the most popular option is that of either a laminate or vinyl style flooring with a tailored fitted carpet on top (See Bound Edge Carpets for details on those).

That said, many will prefer the more contemporary and practical 'wipe clean' qualities of the uncovered vinyl / laminate flooring.
The carpet above doesn't look too bad on first sight, and, to be fair, it wasn't, however, it was clearly a retro fit, presumably, by a previous owner.

The edges were a little rough, and, when we lifted the stratgically placed floor mat, we were faced with the image on the left.

Again, not a dramatic problem, but, clearly, a home made effort, with three separate pieces, that had clearly had some kind of falling out over the years and were trying to back away from each other, leaving a number of annoying gaps.
We removed the carpet and replaced it with this vinyl flooring, to give a more contemporary and practical feel.

This is our entry level flooring and is available from just 99, fully fitted, including labour and materials.

Many other options are available, including high quality laminate flooring, tiling and carpets (both bound edge and fitted).

These services are available both on our own stock models, for resale, and for customers' own campers.
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