Testimonials Continued
It's easy for us to tell you how good we are at what we do, but so much better to hear it from some of the people we have been able to help. Below are yet more things people have said to / about us, since we started out.
Glad she's going to be getting the best advice possible, from the best person possible. Your information and advice has been second to none, and very valuable to me. I will be forever grateful to you.
Lisa Evans (Via Facebook)
If you need any advice on anything tent related, speak to Alan Young! I've not been with this group for long, but I've already learned to take note of any advice you offer Alan. We bought our 1st camper last week & Alan's been real helpful to me. He'll always reply to any questions you have, no matter how silly. Believe me I've asked him some stupid questions but it's things I've needed to know.
Jon Robson (Via Facebook)
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I believe we have you to thank, for knowing we were above our limit. We never realised until a comment made by yourself. Hubby took tow test, and now we are legal. I think you are amazing with knowledge on this site. If anyone has any questions and you can't them, I'll be very surprised. Thanks Alan for your help and knowledge. Other people on here take note. This gent talks sense.
Trudi Anne Baxter (Via Facebook)
Aha! All becomes clear now. Thankyou so much.

Had a look at the pictorial guide, so useful and clear to understand. Very much appreciated. You've been so helpful to a newbie to folding campers. I've book marked all this info and, no doubt, will be referring to it, again, before our first trip out.
TentAddict7 (Via UKCampsite)
Hi Alan,

I have only just discovered your Ultimate Guide To Folding Campers. It's amazing. I was reading it all day yesterday. Wish I knew about this 2 months ago, before I bought my Pullman.
Graham Brookes (Via Facebook)
I would just like to say a big thankyou to Alan Young for all the help and advice given on this site. I know I have picked up a few tips from you, and I wanted you to know how much you are appreciated.
Jackie Langton (Via Facebook)
Thankyou Blue SKy Pennine. You have been prompt, and very knowledgeable with all questions I have asked.
RossSW (Via UKCampsite)
Just wanted to say a big thankyou to everyone who gave me advice on my quest to find a suitable folding camper, especially Alan Young, who has been beyond helpful.
Wendy Berry (Via facebook)
We have just come back from our camping trip. The canvas sprung two leaks. I just left, as instructed, from my previous enquiries, and the help given on here, by Alan Young was invaluable.
Meg Henderson (Via facebook)
Very Interesting.

Thanks for the background Blue Sky Pennine. I've got to say we're very lucky to have someone as knowledgeable as you in the community. I've only just started to look at folding campers, and your input in these forums, along with your website and guides have been extremely useful.

Thankyou for all the help and information you provide.
reck (Via UKCampsite)
Thankyou. Your web site is brilliant. I'm sure you've been told before, but well done on your web site.......and thankyou for it
Michelle Kirk (Via facebook)
This is a HUGELY helpful site. I wish I'd known about this a couple of weeks ago. Would have saved so much time trawling and looking for information! Thanks
Lynne Gill (Via facebook)
Thanks Blue Sky Pennine, You have explained it really well. Just what I was looking for, being a newbie. You really know your stuff.
outallweather (Via UKCampsite)
People should listen to your advice, Alan, as I find that, with all things dealing with caravans, your knowledge is very good, and up to date; and put forward in a very good way. If they take it on board, they won't go wrong.
Malvyn Jukes (Via facebook)
Thanks Alan. Really appreciate the help. If Blue Sky has a spike in viewings, it's me BTW. It's excellent. :o)
Karon Higgs (Via facebook)
Fantastic Blog! It really gives proper collaboration to understand the main theme, step by step. Keep it up.
Stuart Purvis, Professional Towbars (Via Blue Sky Blog)
Just had our first Summer in our 2006 Pathfinder. Just loved it, and benefitted from lots of wonderful advice, from Alan...... from how to carry bikes, to how to set up the awning extension. All the advice helped us so much. Thank you!!
Iobhan Smith (Via facebook)
For anyone looking to buy a (folding) camper, I found Alan's advice invaluable. Helped me get money off my camper, and the seller was more open about faults, as he thought I knew everything, and pointed out things he didn't know. Knowledge goes a long way. In my case, 350.
Ian McGrath (Via facebook)
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If you want to know anything about folding campers, then Alan is, definitely, your go to guy. He's a gold mine of knowledge and advice, and is always available when you need him.
Trish Ledger (Via facebook)
I just wanted to say how useful your website has been for a newbie to TTs, so thankyou.
Helen Burnell (Via facebook)
Thankyou Alan. Your advice (not, necessarily to me) has been invaluable. Some things people have asked I hadn't, even, thought of, have been answered. Thanks again.